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We believe everybody should feel free to be whoever they are and accept each other's differences.

Roadmap to rise & shine

Small gestures can make big differences, and this is symbolic of what we believe in at PureGym: feeling free to be whoever you are and accepting each other’s differences. We welcome everybody.

That’s why this Pride Month, together with our LGBTQ+ Employee Network Group, we have created a simple guide on fostering mental wellbeing and tips to become a better ally. This forms part of our 2022 Equality Action Plan and is supported by a number of important initiatives throughout the year to strengthen our commitment to make our workplace and gyms truly inclusive for LGBTQ+ people.

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ yourself, love someone who does, want to become a better ally or just want to learn more, we hope our Roadmap to Rise and Shine will help to raise awareness and promote a more inclusive future for all.

Rise & Shine Stories

Rise and Shine stories celebrate real life experiences from our LGBTQ+ Employee Network Group Ambassadors who are passionate about making a positive difference. It is their hope that their different journeys might help other people going through a similar experience, to give people hope that things will get better and to encourage people to be come better allies. 

let's rise & shine for the community


Who are you rising and shining for? 

Let us know on social media throughout Pride Month. 

Proud to be diversity champions