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Legs & Glutes Workouts & Exercises

Strong legs are a solid foundation to most sports, cardio and strength exercises, so it’s important to make sure you include some lower body exercises into your workout routine. Our guides below will help you discover new exercises for your legs and glutes.

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Sey's Hypertophy Training: Lower Body

Build your glutes and tone your legs with these 4 moves using free weights. See the workout.

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Maymah's Legs and Glute Workout

Build stronger legs and glutes in the gym with this muscle-building lower body workout consisting of 4 exercises.Read more

Jaz's Lower Body Workout

Sculpt and tone your legs and glutes with this beginner friendly lower body workout using only three pieces of equipment you can find in your gym. ...Read more

Full leg workout using free weights

PureGym insider @peterpuregym has teamed up with @pipfitt to bring you a leg workout using only free weights. Try it out for yourself and see what ...Read more

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