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Gyms in Northampton

Gyms in Northampton

If you're looking to join a cheap gym in Northampton which is open 24/7 then look no further.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or improve your general fitness, everybody is welcome at PureGym. We currently have one cheap gym in Northampton which is located in the town centre and one that will be opening in the next coming months at Weston Favell. 

We may be cheap but our gym in Northampton has a large free weights area, functional area, cardio area and fitness studios so you will have access to everything you need to smash your fitness goals. If you prefer to workout with a friend or in a group, we also have over 50 fitness classes available every week at our Northampton gym which are included in your membership. You can also get a personal trainer for one-to-one sessions. You can workout whenever you want as our gyms will be open 24 hours.

Our memberships are contract-free so you can join and leave whenever you want but we'd like to think you would stay because we offer low cost memberships and a great range of quality kit and classes. Find out more about each of our cheap gyms in Northampton below.

Our Northampton Gyms

All open 24 hours a day

What makes our gyms great?

Our members in Northampton get access to:

  • 2 Gyms to choose from
  • Flexible membership options to suit everybody
  • No contract - leave when you want
  • Free classes run every week
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Near home or work, we've got you covered

Close to work or home, we've got you covered

PureGym offers really great fitness facilities with enthusiastic, supportive staff. They offer 99% of what 99% of the population could possibly want for a truly great work-out

Sir Chris Hoy
One of Britain's most successful Olympians and PureGym Ambassador
Sir Chris Hoy