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Fay Archer

I have been into fitness since for the last 10 years, getting more
seriously into weightlifting from the age of 20. This is when I
realized, I wanted to be strong not ‘skinny’, finally letting go of
those thigh gap’ or ‘heroin chic’ ideals. This battle to unlearn and
outgrow disordered eating is surely not easy for anyone, but with
the right help and support I truly believe you can do anything!

At my strongest & fittest peak (March ‘21), I was in a car accident
which left me in a wheelchair - as someone into fitness & who
relies on fitness as therapy, this was beyond devastating. This
journey of working myself back up to walking, then running &
lifting for sure was the biggest challenge I’ve had to face yet.
With everything I’ve had to re-learn for my own training, I realized
I can help others who have been through similar. This is when I
decided to become a personal trainer.

Building yourself up after an accident or throughout (ED)
recovery sure does test your mental strength; the mind gives up
long before the body does - I can help with that!

Now, after everything, I am stronger, healthier & a good 30kg
heavier from when I started way back when. Since then, my
mindset towards fitness and food has completely changed,
allowing me to keep a balanced-unrestrictive lifestyle & most
importantly, feel happy inside & out.

Do I sound like the Personal Trainer for you? Come find me or
drop me a message! Let’s go for a coffee and build a STRONG
army with me.

Specialist Areas

  • Bespoke plan
  • Body confidence
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance


Certified Level 2 – Gym Instructor

Certified Level 3 – Personal Trainer

MSc BioMedical Science - Specialist
Topics: Nutrition, Diabetes & Obesity