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Freezing or Ending

How do I cancel my PureGym monthly membership?

The easiest way to cancel your PureGym membership is through the online cancellation process. Please cancel your membership at least 4 working days before your next payment is due to ensure no further payments are collected.

Log into your Member's Area, select 'Manage' in the 'Your Gym Pass' section, select ‘Freeze or Cancel Your Membership’ and then follow the steps to cancel your membership. A detailed walkthrough is shared below.

Cancellation Steps

1. Log in to the Member's Area.

2. Select 'Manage' in the ‘Your Gym Pass’ section and then select ‘Freeze or Cancel Your Membership’ as shown below:

Cancel PureGym monthly membership

3. From here, you can follow the cancellation instructions.

Can you cancel your PureGym membership at any time?

You will need to cancel your membership at least 5 working days before your next payment is due to stop the payment being taken.

Freeze your membership

If you’re planning on returning to PureGym in the future, you can pause your membership instead of cancelling it. Freezing your membership locks in the price you pay, so you won’t see any monthly price increases, and there will be no joining fee when you come back.

For Core members, it costs £6.99 per month to freeze your membership, and you won’t have to pay your monthly membership fee. PureGym Plus members can freeze their membership for up to 3 months in a 12 month period at no cost.

You can Freeze your membership for up to three months in 3 easy steps. Just log in to your Members Area, select 'Your Profile', then 'Freezing or Cancelling' and follow the instructions to freeze.

Transfer your membership

If your home gym is no longer convenient, you can transfer your membership to a different gym. We have over 350 gyms across the country, so there’s plenty to choose from. Find your nearest gym here.

To transfer your home gym, head to your Member's Area and go to “Packages and Upgrades”.

From here, you can then pick the gym you’d like to move to and the membership option that suits your needs.