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Help! I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon


We’ve all been there. You’re feeling healthy, you’re eating well, and your gym routine is the best it’s been in ages. But then all of a sudden you miss out a few days, and you’re finding it harder to get motivated. You’ve fallen off the fitness wagon and you can’t see an easy way back.

This winter period is notorious for making it hard to feel motivated; with dark evenings and frosty weather, visits to the gym become less and less frequent. Not to mention all the sweet festive treats on offer, diet can go out of the window!

If you’re looking to get motivated again but are unsure how, we’ve got the tips to help get you back on top again.

Set small, achievable goals

One of the best ways to get back on the fitness wagon is to set yourself achievable goals. If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, don’t expect to be back to your peak fitness levels straight away. It takes time to build your stamina and strength back up, so setting yourself achievable goals is key to sticking to a regime.

Whether it’s the number of days you go to the gym, the time you spend there, or you have a fitness target in mind, start small and build up your routine as your fitness improves.

There's a general misconception that in order to see results you have to spend hours in the gym. This couldn't be further from the truth however, as you can easily fit in a full workout in just an hour. Need some guidance? Why not break down your workout into the following routine, or go to one of our fitness classes

  • 20 minutes of strength training and toning – break-up your routine with some strength training, isolating certain muscle groups. Use free-weights, machines or your own body weight to perform a variety of exercises
  • 30 minutes of cardio – get your heart-rate up with some simple cardio exercises, whether you're using a treadmill, bike, elliptical or cross trainer
  • 10 minutes of stretching and warming down – it's vital that you stretch off and loosen those muscles because if you've missed the gym for a while, you'll really feel the aches and pains after

Mix up your routine

Another good way to get back on the fitness wagon is to choose exercises that interest you. Struggling to find motivation with an old routine? Mix it up and try something new! Don’t fall into the trap of repeating the same exercises over and over; monotony kills the fun and hinders your progress.  

Try alternating a mix of cardio machines with strength training in your new gym regime to find the exercises that you enjoy best. Check out our classes for even more variety!

Get a gym buddy

Making exercise fun is a great way to get back to your best. Got a friend also struggling to get back into a routine? Making a pact to exercise together can really help motivate you both. Whether you’re hitting the weights, cardio or classes, having a buddy enables you to build a fun fitness routine and keep you from falling back off the wagon. Try these partner workouts you can do with your gym buddy.

Diet is key

Finding the sudden abundance of festive food too hard to resist? Snacking on tasty treats is fine, but moderation is key. A healthy diet is vital to maintaining a healthy body and fuelling your gym workouts, so it’s essential to ensure you’re consuming the right sorts of foods too. Make sure your diet is full of foods such as:

  • Nutrient rich fruit and vegetables
  • Complex carbohydrates from sources such as whole-wheat pasta, bread and grains for healthier, slow-release energy
  • Protein from sources such as meat, soya and pulses to build and repair muscles

Following a healthy, balanced diet and following these gym regime tips are sure-fire ways to give you a boost of motivation this season. By eating the right foods alongside setting yourself small, achievable targets, mixing-up your workout routine and bringing a buddy to exercise with, you’ll be back on the fitness wagon in no time!

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