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Mohammed Jabir

The training of the body is an exploration of capacity, movement, athleticism, and also beauty.  More than this, it is the shaping of character and the cultivation of discipline.  My view is that training can be a powerful tool for growth when imparted in the right manner. Whilst its physical benefits are obvious, it is also a means to infuse in oneself key qualities, such as accountability, work ethic, focus, structure, discipline, resilience and much more. One of the many tools I employ is Boxing. The reason for this is simple: Apart from the fact that it is so demanding in terms of athleticism and fitness, it is a sport that evokes much fear and inhibition in people; and in order to become a proficient boxer, one must shatter these hindrances. It is this fearlessness that we want to explode into every dimension of our lives.

For those who are serious and committed in making significant changes, physically or otherwise, you will receive precise technical guidance which is avoidant of injury; a body of work that is totally relevant to one’s goals and ambitions; and most importantly, results which are truly transformative. Not to mention, much motivation, endless encouragement and a stark challenge to break boundaries and go beyond limitations.

I have been involved in training for my entire adult and teenage life - all of which has been a study into its many dimensions. Through my own training explorations paired with academic advances, I have developed a firm grasp of movement and the mechanics of the body. It is this knowledge, which is still evolving and growing, that I hope to use in the furthering of others

Specialist Areas

  • Body fat reduction
  • Functional specialist
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Weight loss
  • Boxing


Further Education in Sport

L2 in Gym Instructing

L3 in Personal Training

L3 in Sports Massage Therapy

Emergency First Aid at Work

Boxing Experience